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          How many people know where world-renowned Jim Thompsons Thai silk is made? Originally, it was made at the Ban Krua Community, a muslim village located at Ratchatewi.

          Historical accounts of the villagers are traced back to ancient Cham people who immigrated from Cambodai in the reign of king Rama I.

          Thay asked for the kings permission to settle and were allowed to establish their houses on a donated piece of land on the bank of Khlong Maharat. These people paid gratitude to the king by fighting in a war to protect the kingdom. What they brought with them was their expertise in fishing and local silk weaving. The letter was passed on since the World War II. Initially, they made only what they used in daily life, such as sarong and loincloth.

          They had developed their skill to make silk cloth for sale in the provinces and Jim Thompson subsequently found them and helped them to improve design and patterns. Since then high-quality silk cloth has been produced to catch the eyes of international shoppers. Jim Thompsons silk was featured in the movie Ben-Hur and since then it has been recognised worldwide.

          The mysterious disappearance of Jim Thompson in Malaysia put an end to once-thriving cloth weaving of the village. Some turned to making money on other jobs. Only a few families currently continue to work on it.

          Some original designs are kept on; new ones are in experiment and development. Silk cloth from the village is now better known for its unique colour.

          Located on the bank of khlong Saen Saeb, Soi Kasemsan III, Phayathai Road, Ratchatewi

Buses no. 16, 29, 34, 36, 50, 79, 54, 93, 113
Air-con buses no. 2, 29, 36
Boat stops at Hua Chang Pier (Khlong Saen Saeb)


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17 Dec 2002