The astrologer at Sanam Luang

The astrologer will be at Sanam Luang and forever gives people service.

     Sanam Luang, Bangkok is an important place and popular for Thai people and foreigners, because it posses of a large field. A lot of ceremonies, for example, Phraratcha Phithi Charod Phranangkan Ragnakwan, Phraratcha Phithi Kanchanaphisek including new year festival as well as Chalerm Phrachonmaphansa ceremony (The King's birthday) are taken place there. Furthermore, it is the place for leisure and also Bangkokian occupation. One of these occupations is an astrologer at Sanam Luang.

     The astrologer is one of the interesting occupations. It concerns with Thai belief and is the most eldest and influent occupations due to the fact that people's spirits are filled with unstability, natural, unsuccessful, disappointed and death fears, so the occupation of astrologer has been so long with people.

     When going back to the religion's story, astrologers were found. For Buddhism, the Buddha was forecasted that he became the Emperor if he lived his life as normal people and he would be the Buddha if he ordained. Disregarding his father, Buddha chose to ordain and was successful to be the Buddha. This was the story of astrologer.

     The astrologers who are both women and men are found at Sanam Luang by leisure people and passer-by. The majority are middle-aged people. Their suitable location are next to the fence of court, under the tree or near a bus stop.

     There are not many things for the location. Pha plastic (Plastic mat) or Sua (mat) is comfortably laid for people's seat. In addition, the astrologer 's equipments for forcasting are a textbook of forecasting, notebook, sign which indicates the type of forecasting for example, hand,cards as well as seven numbers forecast and other things are Waen Khayai (magnifying glass), a hundred-years of calender and something according to its necessity.

     The astrologers such as a professional one can support their family with this occupation or the purpose of receiving more income. Lung Sanit Deesakat (Uncle Sanit Deesakat) who has had nearly ten years of astrology is an example.

     Lung Sanit Deesakat, sixty-five years old, was once a teacher. He graduated with a Bachelor degree. He was a government officer until his retirement and receiving the retiring pension. His income is enough for supporting the family and more income he earns is from the occupation of astrologer.

     He was interested in the astrology and started his profession at the age of fifty-five and seriously began studying the science of astrology from teachers and attended his class at the Astrology Training School of Bangkok at Lumpini park which has been at the present given up. It took a year for him to study and started it more by himself .He practiced to forecast himself and someone in his family also expanded it to his friends.

     He did not at the first time believe in the science of astrology until he spent times to study and forecast it by himself. It is the science of logic. Ninety percents of every forecast, which is accurate can assure his occupation until nowadays.

     Two sciences of forecast are used for forecasting namely, the science of astrology which means that date, month, year and time of birth are calculated and combined together for his forecasting based on these. The science of Hatthasat is used by noticing people's hand and forecast it according to their hand's description. Using the two sciences is considered to be an inspectation (revision) and confirmation which make his forecasting more accurate.

     The time for forecasting approximately starts at 10-18 o'clock without holiday except a heavily rainy day on which he cannot work. Another problem is that his location is always interrupted by police.

     His customers are from adolescents until sixty-seventy aged people. The opposite sex, studies, occupation, working and future are forecasted for the adolescents. Obstacles they face, the solution, luck fortune, life of living are focussed by the old person.

     It is approximately thirty baht per a time of forecast. He receives about seven-eight hundreds baht a day. Some day is nearly a thousand baht, so his income per month is approximately 10,000 baht for being the astrologer at Sanam Luang.

     For Lung Sanit Deesakat, the astrologer is considered to be the occupation helping people. It at least encourages them and suggests the way to solve the problem for someone who lacks an encouragement. He keeps on his occupation and said that

     'Paying much more attention for going to see the astrologer at Sanam Luang because people are deceived by some fake astrologers who do not really use astrology as a honorable profession, but also make some people pay money for the one who do not exactly know the science'.

Translator : Mathurose Satiplan

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