Thai folk : The knowledge of Thai life-style.
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   Thai folk means the pattern of Thai life of living since they were born until die. Thai folk consists of Thai social, cultural, life of living, intellectual, behavior,
   practical, and educational knowledge as well as cultural heredity from the past until nowadays.
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The followings are Thai folk :
1. Tradition
2. Regional performance including drama, dance, and children’s performance.
3. Art, Architecture and handicraft.
4. Tales, legend, history, song, proverb, puzzle, belief, horoscope, language, as well as literary. The Story of Folk Tales
5. Work, occupation and the equipment for living life.
6. Tourism and leisure.
7. Food and cloth
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The Present Thai folks
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     Thai Folk web site has its purpose to provide educational information to Thais and Foreigners so that people can learn Thai ways of life. The information presented here always corresponds with evidences, sources of reference and Referred information, which can be extensively obtained from available sources. The reference is systematically and theoretically organized to usefully provide information for researchers and to honor the owner of the works presented here in Thai folk. Any further useful information, regarding Thai knowledge, is greatly welcome. Please send them to us so we can present them to people all over the world. This is worthwhile for the enhancement of endless education and learning processes.

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