Yum Kai Yang Tao (Chicken salad)

A whole chicken with its organs, fresh coconut milk, sweet chili paste, lemon grass, kaffir lime leaves, galangas, red spur chili, and mint.
Chop chicken and its organ in bite sizes, then boil them in coconut milk until well softened. Finely pound the galanga, dissolve it in the coconut milk, and then boil it until slightly dried. Remove from heat, pour it into a bowl. Boil the coconut cream. Pour the boiled coconut cream onto the chicken in the bowl. Finely chop the lemon grass and the kaffir lime leaves, then mix them with the chicken. Taste it before add fish sauce to prevent too salty taste. This salad is needed to be sour, salty, and sweet. When the taste is satisfied, put it on the plate, then sprinkled with mint and sliced seeds-taken red chili. Break the prepared egg yoke, then put them on the top of the mint. The Yum is now ready for serve. It is better to eat the Yum as soon as the preparation is finished. If prefer more spicy, add some more crushed hot chilies. It is recommended not to cook the actual turtle, because committing sin is not desirable.

( Mom Luang Nuang Nillaruttana; 1994; 278,293)

Translator : Aketawan Manowongsa
29 April 2002
Translation Service
Khanob Thai Co.,Ltd.