Ivy Gourd

(Tum Lung)

Tum Lung
Alternatively known as Pak Tum Luk, Pak Kaeb (North). A gourd of the family Cucurbitaceae, juicy climber, trailer herbs or undershrubs. Easily found and well grown in gardens or on fences. Tips are blanched for dipping with chilli, fried, and cooked as clear soup.
General characteristic

Vines with small green and round tendrils. The tendrils are 12-14 cm long, single and spring-like twisted, oppositely inserted to leaves. Leaves are simple and alternate. Leaves' bases are in heart-shaped, sharpened tip and curvy edge. The shape of the leaf is star-liked with 5 rays. 5-7 veins separated from leaves' bases. Leaves are 3-4 cm wide, 5-6 cm long. A stem is 3-5 cm long.


Flowers, monoecious, are solitary, axillary, and sometimes fasciculate. Berry-like fruits are green when young and red when ripe. Inflorescence is during April-December. Fruiting during June-January. Propagating by seeds and preserved stems.


Translator : Aketawan Manowongsa
1November 2000
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