The Royal Palace Recipes

         The mentioned Royal Palace is Suan Sunanta palace, which is The Rajapat Institute at Suan Sunata. This palace was the residence of His Majesty the King Rama V. The king has his royal command to build up this place as a royal garden and the residence of the King's wife and her daughter.
         This article of royal palace recipes is subtracted from the book "Life in the Palace" written by Mom Luang Nuang Nillaruttana who is a grand daughter of Princess Sabai Nillaruttana, the head of the royal kitchen preparation for HRH Princess Saisawaleepirom, a wife of King Rama V.
          Suan Sunanta Palace is comparatively a university for training Thai ladies who were members of royal family and all the princesses. This palace is the place where all those ladies came to train themselves to achieve high class of manner, dialogues, households, arts, needle works, and also authentic Thai cooking.
         Mom Luang Nuang was a her grandmother's favourite niece. She was grown up in the palace since she was a little girl. She had been trained for a great manner for Thai ladies, especially in the field of Thai authentic cooking, which can be said that she has perfectly absorbed all skills from grandmother. Therefore, the Thai food recipes in the book "Life in the Palace" are genuinely "Foods in the Palace". The recipes are worthwhile studying and trying to cook because there are clear explanation and illustrations.
          Mom Luang Nuang Nillaruttana deserves to get honored because she had written 2 wonderful books that not only provides knowledge but also an extraordinary entertainment, that is, the story of lives in the royal palace. This set of books is truly worthwhile keeping for your extra reading, for children and friends who wish to know more about this kind of story and for extra entertainment.
         The followings are "The Royal Palace Recipes" subtracted from the book "Life in the Royal Palace" by Mom Luang Nuang Nillaruttana.

Miang Lao
Mee Krob (Cripy Sweet and Sour rice noodles)
Sa-Khu Sai Pla (Flour dumpling filled with minced fish)
Pla Tu Tom Khem Nua Kaeng Kang Puai (Salty mackerel soup; hard meat but soft bones)
Satay Lue (Barbecues)
Yum Tua Pu (Winged pea salad)
Kaeng Ped Sod Prik Thai Orn (Duck Curry with young green pepper)
Saeng Wha Kung (Like a Prawn)
Nam Prik Pla Tu tum (Mackerel Chili dip)
Kaeng Luang (Yellow Curry)
Miang Yak
Khaeng Mu Tapap Nam (Softened Pork Curry)
Prik Khing Kruang Tod (Fried Curry paste)
Yum Kai Yang Tao (Chicken salad)
Ka Pi Kua (Fried Shrimp Paste)
Khao Ping (Roasted Rice)
Tod Mun Singapore (Fried Mince-Cake Singaporean style)
Moo Ob Nam Daeng(Roasted pork in red sweet sauce)
Kaeng Run Juan (Agitated Beef Curry)
Pa Naeng Nua (Dried Beef Curry)
Rume(Pork wrapped in fried egg)
Lon Pla Ra(Simmered preserved fish)
Nam Prik Pla Krob(Crispy fish pounded with Chili)
Nam Prik Ma Prao and Nua Khem Sod (Coconut pounded with chili, served with fresh salted beef.)
Por Pia Tod (Fried Spring Rolls)
Prik Khing Tarm Sadej (Stir fried chili paste)
Nam Prik Ma Dun Pad (Stir fried Garcina Chili paste)
Kaeng Tai Plah (A spicy curry of sauce prepared from the viscera of fish)
Yum Ta Wai(Ta Wai Salad)
Nam Prik Long Rua (Hot chili sauce and sweet pork)
Kaen Pla Duk (Catfish Curry)
Pad Sa Tor
Khao Tom Kra Ti (Rice boiled in coconut milk)

Translator : Aketawan Manowongsa
11 Aug 2001
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