Plataphian Bailan

The handicraft of Ayutthaya

     Plataphian Bailan was invented by most of ancient people in central Thailand. The splendid Plataphian Bailan are made in Ayutthaya province and become the handicrafts and goods sold to tourists.

     Plataphian Bailan is made into a beautiful bunch and hung over a baby s cradle by the head of family. The purposes are to make the baby has a good sleep and Plataphian which is gradually turned around is seen by the baby when waking up. Thai has the intellect for inventing it and posses good thinking. Seeing Plataphian turn around is considered to be good for baby s eyes and the slow motion of eyes is the best exercise.

     It is believed by Thai people that Plataphian Bailan hung over the baby s cradle is seen by them,and make them easy for being brought up, grown progressive and heredity from generation to generation as well as have many children as Plataphian has.

     Originally, Plataphian Bailan was invented by men living in central Thailand. It was necessary for them to practice Plataphian inventing. This was because when they were able to invent and hung it over the baby s cradle, their children would be quickly brought up according to the belief.

     The famous Plataphian Bailan, the villagers handicraft and this hereditary invention known for the public belongs to the Ayutthaya villagers. For people in Thawasukree district and Klong Muang area (Lopburi river) Plataphian Bailan have been long time ago and popularly invented. They are bought by people because of its popularity. Finally, Plataphian of Ayutthaya become the handicrafts which are bought by tourists for decorating their houses. It makes people earn high income and it is the unique goods of Ayutthaya province.

     Bailan used for inventing Plataphian is hardly available at the present. It is bought from Kabinburi, Prachin Buri province where lots of palms are available.

     The followings are how to invent Plataphian Bailan

  1. Prepare equipments and materials for inventing such as Bailan, Pookan, a brush for painting, scissors, needle, thread, knife, rope, Liad (the equipment used for Bailan)
  2. Cut Bailan into pieces and insert them into Liad which can make them smaller as we need.
  3. Plait Bailan in the form of fish, fishs tail which is triangular folded should be enough for the fishs body.
  4. Cut the end of fishs body and bring the tail folded insert into the fishs body.
  5. Plait Bailan which are the other part of elements such as surround, Krathong Krua, fin, bamboo leaves, Medpakpao and the fishs baby.
  6. Beautifully paint the fish and another elements.
  7. Combine the babies and the other decorated elements with the big fish. A splendid bunch of Plataphian will be appeared at this process. The big fish is in the middle of bunch surrounded by the babyish fish. It is then finished and ready for being sold.

     Plataphian hung over the babys cradle is gradually turned around itself by the wind.For the baby, to gaze and move the eyes on it can additionally give them an entertainment and it also makes them have a good exercise of their eyes.

     Plataphian Bailan is the wisdom of Thai people in their leaves using for uses and it is Thai intellect which should be learned and admirable.

Translator : Mathurose Satiplan

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