the story of folk tales

Importance of Folk Tales

         A folk tale has an important role in knowledge transfer and personality development. It also has power to influence person’s perception, attitude, behavior, and many other factors important to human’s life as well as the society, which can be concluded as follows (Prayoon Songsin, 1999, p.6).

          1. Folk tales help people to better understand general conditions of human since folk tales are sources of constructed perceptions, beliefs, paradigm, fear, fun, formality, and others.
          2. Folk tales are implicitly regarded as a boundary of people in the society to perceive whether things are right or wrong. Even the state’s law could not equally force the minds of human. The reason is that people have been raised with such discipline since their childhood.
          3. Folk tales enable human to learn local lifestyles by considering that the folklore is a living basis of a particular nation or a group of people.
          4. Folk tales are national heritage and culture. They are stories about human’s ways of lives in each nation or language and have traditionally been followed through generations.
          5. Folk tales are both arts and sciences. Being the origin of various sciences has even more widened learning in other fields of study.
          6. Folk tales bring people’s pride of their locality so that they would perceive that they have something in common. Such attitudes greatly lead to people’s unity and harmony.
          7. Folk tales are sources of entertainment for human.


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