Better than the master


           Once upon a time, there was a master who is an expert in the science of economical practice and never wastefully spent on things. Then there was a young man came to him, asking for his teaching on this expertise. The master then gave a chair to that young man to sit down and the other chair for himself. When they were both seated. The master said as the learning process would e carried out by talking only, so lighting would not be necessary. Then he told young man to put out the light. After that, the master heard the noise of cloth being scrubbed. So he reprimanded young man for not being respectful. Young man replied I think it is rather dark now, so it is not necessary to wear cloth since it could be wastefully scrubbed and become old too soon, thats why I took it off. Then the master said Youre so right. Youre now better than me. So, I dont have anything more to teach you.

By : Joker old man (Old time jokes. 2nd edition, p.27)

Reference : Anake Nawikamoon. Old time jokes. 2nd edition. Bangkok : Sang Dad, 1993.

Translator : Aketawan Manowongsa
25 May 2001