Khao Ping (Roasted Rice)

Cook plain rice, dried shrimps, shrimp paste, garlic, hot chilies, yellow eggplant, Ma Uek, lime, palm sugar, fish sauce, eggs, banana leaves, and bamboo pin.
Prepare the chili dip. Put cook plain rice into a bowl. Chop fried pork with fish sauce and sugar, same way as cooking Mu Waan (Sweetened pork). Mix the prepared chili dip with the rice. Add sweetened pork and beaten egg. Little rice need only an egg, more rice need more eggs as appropriated. Mix them well and taste as desired. Tear 3-4 banana leaves, then put the mixed rice onto the leaves. Wrap it and pin it. Roast the wrapped pieces until they are well cooked. Eat the cooked rice with fried shark fin, if available and affordable, and cooked fined chopped pork. Khao Ping is good foodstuffs for travelers as it is a ready-cooked food that can be kept overnight. The other mixed rice such as Khao Kluk Kapi (Shrimp paste mixed rice) spoils overnight, but Khao Ping is still eatable.

( Mom Luang Nuang Nillaruttana; 1994; 312,327)

Translator : Aketawan Manowongsa
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