Khao Tom Kra Ti
(Rice boiled in coconut milk)


Prepare ordinary boiled rice. When the rice is cook, remove water, and then add coconut milk instead. Put on heat and quickly remove from heat when boiled to prevent the coconut milk to segregate. Add some salt. To get a good taste, the coconut milk should not be too creamy. Serve hot because the smell is very nice.
Side dish
Slices of dried serpent head fish fried until crisp, then mixed with sugar. Thin slices of salted beef fried until crisp, then mixed with sugar. Peeled Salted prawns mixed with fish sauce, lime juice, sugar, hot chilies, garlic, fried salted fish, dried squid, and gourami.

(Mom Luang Nuang Nilruttana. 2537 B.E: 78,94)

Translator : Aketawan Manowongsa
12 May 2004
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