Ore Larm

(Thai northeastern food – Loei province)

     Ore Larm is not kind of neither curry nor baked food. It is rather thick, poured into a bamboo stem, then roasted. (“Larm” is a method of cooking by roasting food contained in a bamboo stem.)

     To make Ore Larm : Baked salted cow’s hide, with hair removed, is chopped in a bite size and boiled until it is soft then simmered together with sliced roasted beef or pork. The prepared meat is then pounded with roasted sticky rice and curry ingredients consisted of galingale, lemongrass, onion, garlic, chilli, sakan (spicy vine plants), egg plants; then filled into a bamboo stem and roasted until it is cooked. Just before it is served, it is needed to add a few kinds of salads such as parsley, spring onion, sweet basil, spicy salad and Jew’s ear. Wait until it cools down, split the bamboo stem to serve Ore Larm with sticky rice. Its taste is just irresistible.

Translator : Aketawan Manowongsa
25 June 2000
Translation Service
Khanob Thai Co.,Ltd.