Kra dom
Kra dom
Other local names are Khee ka dong, Ma noi ja, Pak kaeb pa, Ma noi hok, Ma noi hok fa, Khiao khee ka.

It is a kind of vegetable cooked in Kaeng Pa (Thai very spicy curry with wild style) or Kaneg kua (Thai pop curry). Before it is cooked, seeds must be removed. Its fruits can also be boiled and, then, dipped with Nam prik (Thai spicy chili paste). Kra dom is categorized a herbal plant since its parts are used as medicinal herbs for curing various kind of diseases as described below;

bitter taste, nourish bile, relief bilious symptoms and cool down blood. Purify poisoned blood. Nourish uterus. Also used for curing uterus after miscarrying or after giving birth. De-poisoning. Used to relief Flu. Ripe fruits are poisonous.
De-poisoning poisonous fruits. Curing diseases caused by miscarrying. Actuate saliva.
bitter, relief flu. Nourish body's chemical elements. Actuate gastric process. Purify poisoned blood. Crushed dry root, when mixed with hot water, is used for massaging to relief stiff muscle.
Squeezed leaves is used for ophthalmic use. Also used in tetanus curing.
relief flu, tonic, cure bilious symptom. De-poisoning. Curing Malaria, help producing nourishing milk.
General characteristic

Herbs, terrestrial vines. Vines are small and groovy at ends. At vine ends, there are round, spring-liked, green hands. These hands, 14-25 cm long, are for clinging leaves. Leaves are in pentagon-shaped and serrated. Zigzag edges are 5-10 cm wide, 6-12 cm long. Veins spread from the same point at leaves' base. Leaves' base is concave, like heart-shaped, and covered by rough hair.

Stamen and pistil are in the same flower. Flowers are white, 1-2 cm in size, 5 petals. Petal's base is tubular. Petals are hairy and in various sizes. When blooming, flowers are oval and parallel.

Oval, tapered to both ends. 3-7 cm long, 10 ridges. Young fruits are green. Ripe fruits are reddish-orange. Fruit's flesh is white and soft with brown seeds.

Translator : Aketawan Manowongsa

12 May 2000
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