Red Ginger

Red Ginger

Young sapling and rhizome can be boiled and, then, dipped with Thai chili. Either fresh or cooked consumed. Rhizome blends curry paste to be more scented.

As medicinal plant, its rhizomes are boiled to make a herbal drink, help releasing gas and nourish body's chemical compounds.

General characteristic

Grown in any area, indoor or outdoor, around people's or old-style doctors' houses. If grown outdoors, their heights are less than those grown indoors. Saplings propagate around its origin. Rhizomes' scent is different from other plants of the same family. Stems are greenish purple, 40-80 cm high. Clumps are 10-20 cm apart. Leaves are thin, 3-4 cm wide and 25-35 cm long with wavy edges and alternated from base to tops.

Flowers : Combined flowers, originated from rhizomes. Flowers are reddish purple, 3 cm in size with no claw. Open flowers are pinky white.
Fruits : round and 2 cm in size.

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