Mineral Resources Museum

Established in 1924-1925 as an information centre of mineral resources and geology found in Thailand for students and members of the public, the museum was first ready to showcase its exhibits in 1937 when it was named the Mineral and stone museum. It made several moves and finally settled as the Mineral Resources Museum in 1986. There are three sections of exhibits including geology, mineral resources and special exhibits.

The geology section features showcases found in Thailand, such as rock, the earth, fossils. The mineral resources features mining in Thailand and the special exhibits revolve every 3-6 months.

Located at 75/10, Department of Mineral Resources, Rama VI Road, Bangkok 10300
Tel : 0-2202-3670 and 0-2202-3669 Fax : 0-2202-3745
Open only for a group visit, one-week notice required Mondays-Fridays, 8:30 am - 4:30 pm
Buses no. 8, 44, 67, 72, 92, 96, 97
Air-con buses no. 9, 44, 67, 92
Free admission.


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7 May 2003