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Bangkok Post March 8, 2000

     This week we kick off with a web site that aims to preserve and promote traditional Thai life, The site brings Thai historic performance, tourism destinations, handicrafts and architecture to the cyber world. also lists Thai culture and Thai special days, such as Loy Krathong, under its "culture" icon. There is background information about the date and also the tune of Loy Krathong, which you can hum along to.

      It also provide Thai tales, legends and literature, such as Nang Nak Phrakhanong, traditional Thai occupations such as fortune telling in Sanam Laung, plus clothes and Thai food like Som Tam.

     The content is posted in both Thai and English, but you can get more benefit if you can read Thai. The site's Thai Folk Library contains more stories and information than the English version, but the site's owner is making an attempt to update the English version to catch up with the Thai content. If you want a historic information reference, this site could be your first choice.


Today Web : ���䫵��Զ��� ������餹������㹤����������ҧ��ͧ�� ������ؤ�ͷ������������ҡ��ӹ��������ҧ���ǫ���������� ���䫵�������������� Ẻ���д������ҧ�ö����������仴�